Data now

A new era of data collection is about to rise.

Rapid is a universal,
self service data collection and analysis tool.

No IT development, just data. Now.


Data collection seems simple, but it is rather complicated.

Using the conventional tools (i.e. Excel, e-mail, etc):

  • it requires too much manual work to develop, distribute, collect, modify, summarize
  • the data gathering process is rather slow and uncontrolled
  • the margin of error is quite high
  • consolidation of data is done manually
  • raises data security concerns
Developing a robust solution:

  • necessitates IT investment
  • requires IT development
  • makes the solution rigid and therefore vulnerable


”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

With our solution:

  • Initital setup does NOT require IT DEVELOPMENT

  • Data collection does NOT require IT DEVELOPMENT

  • Data collection templates can be prepared INSTANTLY

  • Data extraction does NOT require IT DEVELOPMENT

  • All features are SELF SERVICE


The adoption of Rapid helps make data collection a core competence. Therefore it helps to shift focus from administration towards analysis and business content.

The ability of self service makes the organization independent of internal support departments and external suppliers.

The universal functionality enables to speed up the data collection process.



Workflow | Quality of Data | Saving Time
Do you use Microsoft Excel to collect data from different data providers within your organization?
Use our easy-to-use data collection estimation tool to uncover the amount of resources the process is currently consuming.




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